Company History


Altomed was founded by Tony and Dorothy Myers in Gateshead near Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. The company established its reputation in the ophthalmic market as one of the first companies in the UK to offer intraocular lens implants and the world’s first dry-packed IOL from California.


Altomed further deepens its relationship with its UK customers by distributing a range of premium ophthalmic surgical products in the UK. Alongside these products Altomed released its own range of ophthalmic instruments.


Further development of the Altomed range of instruments alongside strengthening UK distribution activities cements Altomed’s position as a leading supplier of ophthalmic products to the National Health Service and further afield. During this period the company becomes the UK authorized distributor for leading global brands including Sterimedix, Mani and Volk, relationships that continue to the present day. The company relocates to Boldon, South Shields.


Now etablished as the UK market leader for ophthalmic surgical instrumentation, Altomed continues to grow with the needs of its customers by offering customized Microwash trays, a bespoke and cost-effective solution to protect microsurgical instruments during use and through modern decontamination processes.


Altomed successfully establish Sterimedix and Mani as the market-leading UK brands for cannulas and single-use knives respectively. In parallel Altomed continues to grow its market position in quality reusable ophthalmic surgical instrumentation.

Altomed’s complete range of reusable and single-use items allow customers to fulfill the majority of their product requirements from a single supplier. Within each category, Altomed is able to offer the highest quality and most innovative products on the market.


Altomed enters the 2020’s experiencing rapid growth and record levels of orders driven by ongoing investment in infrastructure, people and stock.