microwashDelicate micro-instruments require special care when being handled, whether during use in the surgical procedure or during reprocessing.

Changes in reprocessing practice focusing on more rigorous automated washing with standardized methods have meant that the protection of delicate instruments may require a new type of instrument tray.

We feel Microwash trays will enable you to achieve a balance between allowing micro-instruments to become thoroughly washed, whilst securely holding the instruments, thereby avoiding damage to delicate tips.


  • Open mesh to allow high degree of liquid penetration on to the instrument surfaces.
  • Total internal customization. Hand tailored accommodation for your instrument sets that results in zero instrument movement.
  • Electro polished stainless steel construction inhibits rust and staining of the tray.
  • Proven track record of reliability in terms of both materials and construction backed with a comprehensive warranty.
  • Microwash trays can be reconfigured to accept alternative instruments.

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