Altomed are very happy to be appointed as exclusive UK distributors for the new Ophthafutur brand of VR oils, fluids and gases.

The products are produced by long-established manufacturer Pharmpur, in a ‘state of the art’ facility in Germany. The expertise within Pharmpur is second to none in the areas of silicone oils and ultra-purified perfluorocarbon ‘heavy’ liquids.

Many ¬†of the senior personnel in place at Pharmpur are expert chemists who pioneered the use of silicone oils and ‘heavy fluids’ in ophthalmology many years ago. Pharmpur have developed purification processes which are of key significance when manufacturing such products. They continue to innovate and they have their own in-house testing and analytical capabilities.

For a free sample or if you would like to discuss the OphthaFutur range, please contact customer services on 0191 5190111 or email