MST-Capsule-RetractorsMicroSurgical Technology, makers of the Malyugin Ring have developed some very useful and unique Capsule Retractors which can make dealing with weak zonules much safer. Their shape, giving a broad area of contact, make these new retractors much gentler on the capsulorhexis margin while also providing the required support to the capsular bag. The typical indications are

  • Weak Zonules
  • Post operative IOL Dislocation with IOL exchange
  • Before and during Capsule Tension Ring Placement

Each retractor features a slideable silicone button which enables precise setting of the required tension. They are supplied in sets of 3 hooks, 6 sets in a box. The catalogue number is MCR-0001. MST Capsule Retactors are exclusively available in the UK from Altomed Ltd. For further information contact customer services on 0191 5190111 or email