Donor Punches

The CORONET™ Donor Trephine Punch delivers a reliable and consistent vertical incision, improving wound architecture and reducing endothelial cell loss. The free rotating trephine features CORONET™ Cathedral Blade Technology which minimises undercut and tissue distortion. The double sided Cathedral blade guarantees a clean vertical cut and that the graft button is not retained, and improves approximation between the donor button and patient cornea.

The CORONET™ Donor Trephine Punch, available with or without vacuum, is a complete donor graft preparation system. It is suitable for PK, DALK and DSAEK / DSEK surgery. Minimal downward pressure is needed to complete the cut and the patent protected 360˚ graft visualisation windows increase accuracy and surgeon confidence.

Supplied sterile, single use only, one per box, declared 5-year shelf life. Manufactured in the UK.

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Showing 1–12 of 32 results