Glaucoma Implants - Valved

The Ahmed® Glaucoma Valve from New World Medical is a valved aqueous drainage implant designed to regulate intraocular pressure in eyes suffering from intractable glaucoma. The Ahmed Glaucoma Valve has had proven success being utilised in all types of glaucoma cases, particularly Neovascular, Congenital, and Uveitic glaucoma.

The Venturi Effect

The Ahmed Glaucoma Valve has a specially designed, tapered trapezoidal chamber to create a Venturi effect to help aqueous flow through the device to reduce internal friction within the valve system.

Non-Obstructive, Self-Regulating Valve Mechanism

The Ahmed Glaucoma Valve has an unobstructed path of fluid flow and naturally varies its critical flow path with pressure. The elastic membranes help to regulate fluid flow consistently by changing their shape. The tension on these membranes reduces hypotony at low pressures and facilitates increased flow at moderate pressures.

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Showing all 9 results