Kahook Dual Blade

The Kahook Dual Blade® (KDB) ensures the precise excision of diseased trabecular meshwork (TM) to provide open access to multiple collector channels when performing goniotomies.

The Kahook Dual Blade has four proprietary features designed to facilitate excisional goniotomy during cataract surgery and as a stand-alone procedure.

  • Pointed Tip
  • Ramp
  • Foot Plate
  • Dual Blades

Its pointed tip easily penetrates the trabecular meshwork (TM) while the ramp lifts and stretches the TM. The foot plate settles on the anterior wall of Schlemm’s canal, preventing damage to it, while the dual blades create parallel incisions in the TM.

KDB allows you to perform a goniotomy during cataract surgery, as a stand-alone procedure and on pseudophakic patients.

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