Glaucoma Implants

Glaucoma drainage implants have improved the prognosis for surgical success for refractory glaucoma, and have a well-established role in the surgical treatment of glaucoma. Altomed is proud to be the exclusive distributor of New World Medical valved and valveless glaucoma drainage implants in the UK and Ireland.

The Ahmed® Glaucoma Valve

Developed by Dr. Mateen Ahmed in 1993, the Ahmed® Glaucoma Valve from New World Medical comprises two thin silicone elastomer membranes positioned in a Venturi-shaped chamber.

The Ahmed® Glaucoma Valve from New World Medical is a valved aqueous drainage implant designed to regulate intraocular pressure in eyes suffering from intractable glaucoma. The Ahmed Glaucoma Valve has had proven success being utilised in all types of glaucoma cases, particularly Neovascular, Congenital, and Uveitic glaucoma.

Ahmed® ClearPath™

In 2019, New World Medical announced the launch of the Ahmed® ClearPath™ glaucoma drainage device, offer glaucoma patients another
treatment option while making tube shunt surgery more convenient and efficient for surgeons. Designed with convenience in mind, the two sizes of Ahmed® ClearPath™ devices address some of the surgeon’s toughest challenges in tube shunt surgery, a procedure that lowers the pressure inside the eye for refractory glaucoma.

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