Microwash Instrument Trays

Altomed’s bespoke configured Microwash trays protect delicate microsurgical instruments and specialist surgical items during the surgical procedure and during reprocessing.

The correct care of instruments extends instrument life and saves costs, maintaining surgical outcomes and reducing complications. We recommend that Microwash trays are used to ensure the long-term performance of your microsurgical instruments and tools.

Microwash trays securely hold in place any combination of instruments, avoiding damage to delicate items while still allowing a high degree of liquid penetration on to the instrument surfaces through the open mesh construction.

Total internal customization: hand-tailored accommodation for your instrument sets that results in zero instrument movement during normal use and reprocessing.

Electro polished stainless steel construction inhibits rust and staining of the tray.

Proven track record of reliability in terms of both materials and construction backed with a comprehensive warranty. We have supplied hundreds of NHS customers with our Microwash trays over the last 20 years and almost all of our trays remain in active daily use.

Should you change your set requirements, Microwash trays can be reconfigured to accept alternative instruments without requiring the outlay of a full set of new trays.

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Showing all 8 results