MST Single Use Instruments

Eliminate all need for reprocessing concerns with the MST range of single use instruments. These precision instruments are designed for complex anterior surgery and make even the most complicated cases easily manageable by every surgeon. Designed in conjunction with the world’s leading surgeons, MST’s range of innovative instruments are perfect for IOL explantation to scleral fixation and more.

The modular system starts with a universal handle and a wide variety of forceps and scissors. MST Single-Use Instruments all feature a coaxial design, most of which are 23G or smaller. Their unique design limits the action of our instruments to the distal end and allows for access through very small corneal incisions and sclerotomies.

A Modular System

MST’s micro-instruments couple universal handles with a wide variety of forceps and scissors. The MST Touch Forceps Handle and MST 360 Forceps Handle are compatible with all MST heads (durable and single use), while the MST Duet Handle is only compatible with single-use heads.

To view a cataract surgical procedure cutting an IOL using MST Packer Chang IOL Cutter Set please click here.

To view a cataract surgical procedure using MST Seibel 23g Rhexis Forceps click here.

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Showing all 9 results