SimulEYE® Capsule Support

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This model provides an eye with a capsular bag and half an iris! Yes, that’s right, only half of the iris. It is ideally suited for working with CTRs, Capsule Hooks, Ahmed Segments and other devices that are used to support an unstable capsule. The half iris allows visualization of the capsule to better understand the proper insertion angle for CTRs and to be able to visualize the capsule when using these devices. When working with Ahmed segments, it can be helpful to work initially on the aniridic side and then rotate the eye 180 degrees to work on the other side with the iris and a sulcus. You can also place iris hooks on the half iris which has excellent tissue realism. This model does not allow use of other pupil expanding devices that would require the full iris. Multiple procedures can be performed on each model before the eye is consumed.

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