SimulEYE® Iris Suturing & IOL Fixation – 1 Pack

SimulEYE for Iris Suturing & IOL Fixation — 1 pack


This model provides an eye with a flexible iris that can be easily cut and then repaired with various suturing techniques. The root of the iris can be disinserted to practice iridodialysis repair. Various IOL fixation techniques can be practiced including iris suture fixation, scleral suture fixation and intrascleral fixation including the Yamane technique. IOL cutting and exchanges can be practiced. Multiple procedures can be performed on each model before the eye is consumed.

Double Needle Fixation ISHF Yamane Technique

Iridodialysis Repair

Iris fixation of IOL – Siepser Techinque

Iris fixation of IOL – McCannel Technique

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