SimulEYE® KDB – 1 Pack

SimulEYE for MIGS Kahook Dual Blade


This model is specifically designed to allow practice with the Kahook Dual Blade (KDB) MIGS instrument from New World Medical as well as MicroSurgical Technologies (MST) MIGS devices including TrabEx and Trabectome. The eye provides a realistic trabecular meshwork which can be visualized with a gonio prism and viscoelastic and then removed with the KDB/TrabEx device. Multiple clock hours of the meshwork can be treated before the model is consumed. The SimulEYE® MIGS KIT is required for use of the KDB/TrabEx models as it provides a platform to simulate the turned head position which is needed for visualization of the angle during MIGS surgical procedures. The MIGS KIT also provides the reusable Base Unit to support the KDB/TrabEx eyes.

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