SimulEYE® MULTI-MIGS – 1 Pack

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SimulEYE® Multi-MIGS model to be used with multiple MIGS devices (Omni, iTrack, Hydrus, iPrime, Streamline, GATT) — 1 Pack

Looking for a SimulEYE model that can be used with multiple MIGS devices? We thought so! That’s why we have developed the SimulEYE Multi-MIGS model. Use this model to train with GATT as well as with various MIGS devices such as OMNI from Sight Sciences, iTrack catheter from Nova Eye Medical, Hydrus from Alcon, iPrime from Glaukos, and even some other devices that have not yet been released.

Our MIGS models require the SimulEYE MIGS Kit 2.0 which provides a platform to support the eyes and simulates the turned head position which is needed for visualization of the angle during MIGS surgical procedures.

The Multi-MIGS model may not be compatible with MIGS devices that are not listed. Please look for other listings or reach out for support.

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