SimulEYE® Pars Plana Vitrectomy (PPV) – 1 Pack

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You know us for our anterior segment models. You love us for our attention to detail and surgical realism. Now join us as we venture to the back of the eye!

Introducing SimulEYE PPV — the most realistic model for Pars Plana Vitrectomy that requires NO SET-UP! That’s right. Unlike competing models, there is no need to assemble and fill them with egg whites. Even better, there is no more messy cleanup afterward.

Building from our very successful A-Vit model, the PPV model has an even more refined synthetic vitreous along with a highly detailed retina that allows excellent visualization to experience the effects of the latest generation cutters on the vitreous body.

Use the SimulEYE PPV model with a contact lens or with a wide-angle viewing system. You can even use your favorite 3D visualization system for the ultimate training experience.

Get a feel for placing trocars and sleeves through the pars plana. Perform a core vitrectomy and alter the settings to see the effect on the vitreous. Shave the vitreous base, simulate creating a vitreous detachment and learn to deliver endolaser treatments without touching the lens.


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