SimulEYE® Phaco Soft – 1 Pack

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After endless requests for a realistic phaco model, we are pleased to introduce, at long last, the first of the SimulEYE Phaco line.

Take your phaco training and demonstrations to the next level with the SimulEYE Phaco Soft model.

Our first model ever for phaco training provides unmatched realism to truly begin to understand the “Phacodynamics” of the machines. Adjust the various settings to alter the fluidics and power delivery and experience first-hand the effect on nuclear disassembly. No more fighting bubbles or chattering lens fragments that won’t come to the tip.

Unlike the competition, SimulEYE Phaco models come fully assembled and minimal prep is required — simply fill the back of the eye with water and put our Surface Coating Gel on top.

A pre-made capsulorhexis maximizes training time while at a phaco lab station and allows for a more routine and successful case.  For optimal rhexis training, use our class leading SimuloRhexis model.

Just like a real eye, fill the AC with viscoelastic and then perform hydrodissection in order to spin the lens.

The most realistic cornea, sclera, iris, capsule and lens all come together to provide the best phaco experience.

Please note that this model has a soft lens and is excellent for grooving, horizontal chopping and segment removal. As with a soft lens in the human eye, cracking and vertical chop are not as easily performed. Stay tuned for the upcoming hard lens which will allow for advanced nuclear disassemble with vertical chopping.

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