SimulEYE® Tap and Inject (Advanced, Contains Lens) – 1 Pack

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The Tap & Inject models were developed after multiple requests from Industry and KOL’s who needed a realistic model.  Whether you need to tap or deliver medications / devices into the anterior chamber or practice intravitreal injections into the posterior chamber, the SimulEYE Tap & Inject models have you covered with the most advanced options and realism on the market.  And the best part is SimulEYE models are easy to store with minimal to no set-up!

AC/PC Advanced:  Our most advanced and realistic version. Includes angle structures (for visualization), a flexible iris with an actual 3mm pupil and a Lens. This model comes pre-filled with fluid in the AC and gel in the PC for the best performance. This model allows for the highest degree of realism when working with the anterior and/or posterior chambers and is a favorite for Human Factors Studies.

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