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From the most delicate VR instruments and micro forceps to bipolar forceps and ring-handled scissors. Only genuine skilled instrument technicians are employed.

Altomed will provide you with an efficient service that will enable you to utilise all of your instrument stock regardless of age. Make the most of your current assets.

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Iris Hooks

Iris Hook

The makers of the Malyugin Ring, MST Inc have now launched some unique Iris Hooks.

Although used in a similar way to many Iris Hook sets already on the market, the MST hooks have a subtlety modified shape, which results in the hooks sitting parallel to the iris, rather than the hook-end potentially impaling the iris.

Other features include, a bend at the external end of the hook to prevent lid touch, and strengthening and stiffening of the shaft, (while the hook portion remains softly flexible).

Wide 'Double-Barreled' construction gives a wider surface contact with tissue

Entry through 0.6mm incisions

Each retractor features a sliding silicone button which enables precise setting of the required tension. They are supplied in sets of 5 hooks, 6 sets in a box....

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