• Malhotra-Platinum-Segments

    Malhotra Platinum Segments

    Leading oculoplastic surgeon Raman Malhotra and Altomed have developed a new product for the surgical treatment of Lagophthalmos. The Malhotra Platinum Segments are individual weights that can be implanted into the eyelid in various combinations to achieve … Continued

  • QRinse

    New Q-Rinse

    Formerly called the QuickRinse, the Q-Rinse is now manufactured in the UK by Altomed. Over the years it has become an invaluable device both in the ophthalmic theatre and CSSD department. It replaces manual flushing, of lumened … Continued

  • Allegro

    Allegro. A great tip from MST

    The Allegro is a silicone encapsulated coaxial I/A that not only makes cortex clean-up safer, but delivers great sub-incisional access. Wound entry is smooth, due to the unique polished silicone outer surface. The tip can also be … Continued

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